A stone retaining wall separates the backyard from the stone patio.

6 Signs You Need to Call a Retaining Wall Company for Repair

Retaining walls are a beautiful element to add to any outdoor living space. Not only does the natural stone look gorgeous and elevate the value of your home and garden, but it also solves uneven grading, hills, soil erosion, and stormwater flow around your home. So, when you notice signs that your wall isn’t structurally…

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A living room with a large natural stone fireplace.

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Indoor Fireplace from Your Custom Fireplace Builders

As the weather gets colder, you may be thinking about sitting around your fireplace, drinking a cup of hot chocolate, and watching the snowfall outside your window. But, if your fireplace is outdated and unattractive, you may feel unmotivated to use it or even embarrassed when guests see it. You don’t deserve that feeling. You…

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Snow covers a natural flagstone patio.

9 Ways to Winterize Your Stone Patio Before the Colder Months

Warm summer days spent outside on your stone patio have given way to cool autumn evenings, drinking hot cider around your fire pit. Pretty soon, the leaves will disappear from the trees, and the temperatures are sure to sink lower as we experience less sunlight in the day. Before the temperatures get too low and…

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A propane fire pit burns on a flagstone patio next to a backyard pool.

5 Design Choices to Make When Installing a Fire Pit

Choosing the design of a fire pit for your backyard patio can be a frustrating process. It can seem nearly impossible to figure out where to start with so many types, styles, features, and other decisions to make. Maybe you’ve considered just searching for “fire pits near me” and choosing one from a big-box store,…

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A beautiful stone walkway leads to a stone patio designed by Dutchies Stoneworks.

Keep These 9 Things in Mind When Maintaining Your Stone Walkways

Whether your natural stone path leads to your front door or your outdoor living space, properly maintaining it is crucial to keep it beautiful for many years. Your stone walkway needs to be professionally sealed to protect it from the elements. Knowing the right products to use—and not to use—on your outdoor path is also…

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Gray stone patio with chairs and outdoor seating

A Complete Guide to Designing Your Stone Patio

Stone patios are the bread and butter of the stone masonry work we do here at Dutchies Stoneworks. For over a decade, we’ve perfected the craft of our stone masonry expertise—and all the hiccups that can come with it. Just because we’re experts at creating stone patios and other stone masonry projects, that doesn’t mean…

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Flagstone patio and outdoor kitchen with grill, sinks, and refrigeration

3 Common Questions Answered About Outdoor Kitchens

As the weather gets warmer and we find ourselves spending more time outdoors, there’s nothing better than heading outside to a perfect outdoor space. Whether you have a deck, patio, or just simply a porch with a grill, you and your family are likely enjoying fresh air somewhere in your backyard. But have you ever…

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stone retaining wall separates vegetation from stone walking steps.

How a Stone Retaining Wall Will Notably Improve Your Home

Do you think your home needs a stone retaining wall? The short answer—yes, or at least that’s what we believe here at Dutchies Stoneworks. While we may be biased on whether or not you need a stone retaining wall, it’s no secret that adding one to your home landscaping will bring a lot of value….

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