Gray stone patio with chairs and outdoor seating

A Complete Guide to Designing Your Stone Patio

Stone patios are the bread and butter of the stone masonry work we do here at Dutchies Stoneworks. For over a decade, we’ve perfected the craft of our stone masonry expertise—and all the hiccups that can come with it. Just because we’re experts at creating stone patios and other stone masonry projects, that doesn’t mean…

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Flagstone patio and outdoor kitchen with grill, sinks, and refrigeration

3 Common Questions Answered About Outdoor Kitchens

As the weather gets warmer and we find ourselves spending more time outdoors, there’s nothing better than heading outside to a perfect outdoor space. Whether you have a deck, patio, or just simply a porch with a grill, you and your family are likely enjoying fresh air somewhere in your backyard. But have you ever…

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flat stack stone retaining wall with stone stairs

How a Stone Retaining Wall Will Notably Improve Your Home

Do you think your home needs a stone retaining wall? The short answer—yes, or at least that’s what we believe here at Dutchies Stoneworks. While we may be biased on whether or not you need a stone retaining wall, it’s no secret that adding one to your home landscaping will bring a lot of value….

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stone fireplace in an outdoor seating area

5 Things to Ask Yourself Before Adding an Outdoor Fireplace

Have you recently found yourself searching for “outdoor fireplaces near me”? Have you been eyeing up an empty portion of your outdoor patio to fill it with something warm and inviting? Or maybe you already have an outdoor fire feature that you want to upgrade into something more? If so, an outdoor fireplace may be…

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Young girl putting pizza into an outdoor pizza oven

Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor Pizza Ovens

If your family is anything like ours here at Dutchies Stoneworks, nothing brings everyone together like freshly ordered pizza. Opening up that cardboard box, letting that warm smell of freshly baked dough hit your nose, taking the first crispy bite into your slice—does it get any better? Actually…it does! Let’s be honest—we all love pizza,…

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Stone patio renovation in Glenmoore Pennsylvania

Case Study: New Stone Patio Resolves Water Drainage Issues

At first glance, you may be wondering what’s wrong with this patio and why it’s shown as a “before” picture in this case study—it looks so good! But, if you know what you’re looking for, you’ll clearly see a few problems. The most notable would be the weed growth within the stone patio itself, as…

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Beautiful flagstone pool deck by Dutchies

Q&A: Common Questions About Flagstone Pool Decks

When it comes to designing pool decks, one of the most common questions we get is, “How does flagstone compare to travertine?” People want to know which material is best for around their in-ground pool, so people often ask which is the most durable, heat-resistant, and overall best-looking. Here at Dutchies, we love to build…

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stone patio and fireplace

Don’t Miss These Outdoor Fireplace Ideas This Year

If you’re looking for outdoor fireplace ideas to add some warmth to your outdoor space this season, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Dutchies Stoneworks, we specialize in both wood and gas fireplaces that are great for adding function and beauty to your outdoor living spaces. If you are already set on purchasing…

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pergola on stone patio

Case Study: How This Custom Pergola Transformed an Outdoor Patio

Here at Dutchies Stoneworks, we take pride in every project that we take on. Each one is a unique blend of artistry and time-tested masonry services that makes your wants and needs into a functional and beautiful asset to your home. Stone masons build all of our projects with a passion for craftsmanship and fine…

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stone patio

How to Create a Backyard Patio Design Your Family Will Love

Summer is finally here, and with warmer weather, you’re probably itching to be outside as much as possible. Central PA summers may get humid, but there’s something about listening to the cicadas and sitting outside with friends and family in the hot evenings that just feels right. But does your backyard patio design complement that…

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