How to Create a Backyard Patio Design Your Family Will Love

stone patio

Summer is finally here, and with warmer weather, you’re probably itching to be outside as much as possible. Central PA summers may get humid, but there’s something about listening to the cicadas and sitting outside with friends and family in the hot evenings that just feels right. But does your backyard patio design complement that lifestyle, or are you looking for a few ways to upgrade?

Whether you have a patio or not, as a homeowner, you know that there’s always another home improvement project waiting for you. Your outdoor living area should be your getaway oasis, and at Dutchies Stoneworks, we’re here to help make that happen.

Integrate Your Life Into the Design

The first question we always ask customers is, “what do you plan to do on your patio?” If your answer is, “sit on it,” then we’re going to have to ask a few more questions!

Having the perfect backyard patio design means you’ll have a patio that integrates seamlessly into your life. For example, if you already sit outside a lot and want a more relaxing area, we’d probably talk about shade options. Or if you plan on cooking out or hosting a lot of friends and family, then we’d look at outdoor kitchen options. See where we’re going?

Upgrading your outdoor living space is a significant investment, so it’s essential that you’re pleased with the results. We’re going to go over a few of our favorite additions and stylistic options for your backyard patio design that we think you and your family will love for years to come.

Add Features That Make Sense

Outdoor Kitchen

stone patio

Big or small, an outdoor kitchen is great for when you want to cook in the summer. Whether you’re looking for just a built-in grill and a little bit of counter space, or a fully functioning kitchen with a sink and refrigerator, Dutchies has you covered. Outdoor kitchens are one of our favorite backyard patio design elements to incorporate into your outdoor oasis, solely for the fact of how functional and convenient they are.

Stone Walls

stone patio

When you’re looking to add both elegance and function to your outdoor space, stone sitting or retaining walls are the perfect option. If you live in an area where water runoff may be a problem, stone retaining walls can help protect your stone patio from degrading over time. Not only will they help with longevity, but they’re also great for any aesthetic!


stone walkway

If your patio is situated slightly away from your house—or maybe you don’t have a back door to access it—we highly recommend adding in a stone walkway or two. Walkways may not seem like they’d add a lot to a home, but once you see the elegance a walkway brings to your space, you’ll understand the hype! They genuinely tie all of the elements of your home and outdoor space together, making it much more welcoming to you and your guests.


stone patio

Here at Dutchies, we’re experts in stone masonry, which is why we almost always recommend flagstone patios to new customers. The beauty and longevity of natural stone are unmatched, and flagstone always brings a classic and quality look to your outdoor space. We meticulously place every stone, guaranteeing that each flagstone patio that we create is custom and unique to exactly your specifications.


stone patio and fireplace

Another one of our favorite backyard patio design features is pergolas. Big or small, if you plan on sitting outside and enjoying the hot summer weather, a pergola can help you stay in the shade and keep cool on those extra hot days. Your pergola can be custom-built to fit any size patio or outdoor space, too! We find pergolas especially useful in outdoor kitchen environments so that you don’t have to stand in direct sunlight when you’re grilling in the heat.

Fire Feature

fire table beside swimming pool

Is it even summer unless you can sit around a fire pit and roast marshmallows and hot dogs? Sure, having a spot for a fire is great in your backyard, but why not level it up by integrating it into your backyard patio design? If your family loves spending summer evenings by the fire, a fire feature may be the perfect solution—even an outdoor fireplace is possible. Plus, having one built in is so much less mess!

Consider Adding Something That Will Make Your Backyard Patio Design “Pop”

Once your outdoor space is complete, we always recommend adding those finishing touches that will really make your backyard patio design pop. A few of our favorites are:

  • Built-in Outdoor Lighting
  • String Lights
  • Outdoor Rugs
  • Matching Outdoor Furniture
  • Potted Plants
  • And much more!

The list is endless, but we hope that this at least has started you on a course of inspiration. If you’re still lost and don’t know the difference between your wants and needs, reach out to our design experts here at Dutchies. We’ve been in this business for over 15 years and are ready to help you take your outdoor living space to the next level.

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