Appeal to the Perfectionist in you with Natural Stone Masonry

How could professional stonework, done the old-fashioned way with natural stone, enhance the look and feel of your home? Natural stone masonry by Dutchies Stoneworks brings expert stone masonry services to your property, with projects like chimneys, stone pillars, and exterior walls that appeal to even the most meticulous homeowners.

The Stone Masonry Services We Offer

Natural stone is a material that will not disappoint. Its low maintenance, high value, and return on investment are sure to impress.

Whether you’re walking on it, entertaining in it, or just admiring it, you can’t deny that natural stone is a step up from the rest. Our customers have recognized this in all types of masonry projects, including:

What type of masonry work or home project is on your to-do list? We deliver the highest-quality work with fully insured masonry services that beautify homes in Lancaster, PA, and surrounding areas. Let our many years of experience in natural stone masonry services bring durable, timeless beauty to your home.

The Drawbacks of Stone Veneer

Stone veneer, or stone siding, is one option when building a home or making home improvements. But is it good enough for your property? Here are a few things to consider before installing stone veneer on your home or outdoor structures’ surfaces:

It will not have the same authentic look as natural stone. You might fool some people from a distance, but the difference becomes evident as you get closer.

Incorrect installation can result in trapped moisture or insufficient gaps around windows, doors, roofs, and vents. That water can then freeze and cause cracks in the faux-stone siding, leak through openings, and cause mold to grow.

Chemicals, like those used to clean siding, can damage the surface of stone veneer.

The more inexpensive stone-look sidings are painted (the color does not run the whole way through), and they can fade over time, leaving you with a dull surface that resembles natural stone even less than when it was first installed.

Manufactured stone veneer’s return on investment isn’t worth the cost. It costs much more than standard vinyl siding but doesn’t significantly enhance property value (like natural stone does).

Not only does stone veneer siding lack the natural beauty of real stone, but it also tends to cause more moisture and cracking problems than traditional vinyl siding when it’s not installed correctly.

We recommend doing lots of research before choosing stone veneer for your home or outdoor structures. Does the installer have lots of experience? Are you prepared to deal with leaks, cracks, and moisture problems?

Would you rather make an investment that will last and pay you back in increased property value? That’s the benefit of natural stone, and our expert masonry contractors are ready to deliver that to you!

Before You Hire a Stonemason, Ask these Questions

A natural stone masonry project is never a small undertaking. You’ll want to find a stonemason who will complete the job to your high standards promptly.

Before you hire a natural stone masonry service, ask them these important questions:

  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • Do you specialize in natural stone masonry?
  • Will I have access to expert design services?
  • Do you have excellent reviews?
  • Will you manage the project from beginning to end?
  • Do you offer no-cost consultations?
  • Can I view your past projects?
  • Do you use your own in-house masonry contractors?
  • Do you have more than 20 years of experience?

For Dutchies Stoneworks, the answer to all the above questions is YES! You are welcome to read our customers’ reviews and view our past projects. And then, get in touch with us to discuss your natural stone masonry project!

You’re Just One Call Away from Beautiful Natural Stone Masonry

What could natural stone masonry services, delivered with careful attention to detail and only the finest materials, do for your home or business? It will help to raise and maintain your property’s value, but there’s more.

It will beautify and set your property apart from the rest. It will make it feel like no other, with a uniqueness only natural stone can bring. Plus, it will make your house a place you want to call home.

Get in touch today, and we’ll talk about how to get started.

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