Relax Without Weather Worries on Your New Covered Patio or Portico

If you enjoy entertaining family and friends outdoors but don’t want the extra hassle of worrying about the weather forecast, a covered patio, portico, or stone veranda will provide everything you need. At Dutchies Stoneworks, every outdoor living space is customized to your exact standards and built with natural stone and our extensive expertise. Let’s make your outdoor dream come true!

Backyard patio

Enhance Your Covered Patio Design with the Beauty of All-Natural Stone

Not only are covered patios, porticos, and other covered features by Dutchies Stoneworks beautiful and enduring, but they can also be remarkably functional. If you’ve ever roasted in the sun or run inside from the rain during an event, you know the value of providing your guests with outdoor seating that protects them from the elements.

Couple that functionality with the exceptional beauty of natural stone, and you’ve got an entertainment space that’s comfortable and ready for a water feature, outdoor kitchen, outdoor dining, fire pit—whatever will make your new covered patio your own.

Put Our Covered Patio Builders’ Attention to Detail to Work for You!

What type of front porch, stone veranda, covered patio, or portico will enhance your home or business best? If you have a vision, we will make that vision a reality. And if you don’t, we will help you choose features you’ll love.

Next, what type of stone will you choose? Pavers and artificial stones can be nice, but they will never stack up to the sophistication of authentic stone. Here are our three most popular types of natural stone:

Thermal Full Color Flagstone
Thermal Full Color

How about a more contemporary, modern feel for your covered patio? We can construct your veranda or portico using uniform rectangular or square thermal, full-color genuine stones for clean and timeless symmetrical edges. Choose from monochromatic or multicolored styles with a range of available patterns and textures.

Full Color Natural Cleft Flagstone
Full-Color Natural Cleft

Suppose you love the look of natural stone but don’t have a specific design preference. In that case, full-color natural cleft walks the line between the irregular edges of some stones and the symmetrical nature of others. The stones’ edges are relatively soft and fairly regular, giving your portico, veranda, or patio a blend of the modern and traditional.

Irregular Tennessee Flagstone
Irregular Tennessee

Do you like the appearance of irregularly shaped natural stone that creates unique patterns and textures throughout the patio floor? Then irregular Tennessee stone is right for you! Our meticulous stonemasons lay each Tennessee stone as if it were part of an intricate puzzle. This diligence lends traditional interest with a stunning design.

The Dutchies Stoneworks’ Covered Patio Construction Process

At Dutchies Stoneworks, our covered patio builders work with homeowners across southeastern Pennsylvania, including Bucks County, Chester County, West Chester, Lancaster County, PA, Northern Delaware, and beyond. From start to finish, we construct covered outdoor living spaces that are durable and low maintenance. Once your patio design is complete and approved, only three simple steps remain:

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Every custom covered patio project starts with the creation of a level surface. This preparatory step will ensure your structure will hold weight and stay level.

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Next comes a concrete foundation that will supply the shape of your patio, veranda, or portico and add even more strength for longevity. During this phase, we also erect and secure the posts and roof.

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Finally, our experienced patio builders will precisely lay each stone for a beautifully perfect fit. All that’s left is to unveil your outdoor structure to your guests!

A Featured Covered Patio with Outdoor Kitchen

This outdoor kitchen and covered patio project in Pennsylvania is one of our favorites. We had the opportunity to construct a family gathering space where the homeowners LOVE spending time. We used a muted gray palette so the design wouldn’t detract from what’s really important.

Project Year: 2020
Price Range: $50,001 – $75,000

For Your New Covered Patio, Don’t Settle for Less than the Best

Your discerning taste is evident throughout your home. When you’re ready to bring that sophistication outdoors, choose the stone contractor who understands the importance of top-tier design and construction for your covered patio.

Dutchies Stoneworks has built outdoor structures with expert stone masonry for nearly two decades. Our reputation and reviews are impressive, and we invite you to schedule a free consultation with us today!

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