6 Things You Can Do All Year in Your Outdoor Pavilion with a Fireplace and Kitchen

An outdoor pavilion with a fireplace and kitchen.

Before investing in a custom outdoor living space, you want to ensure that the money will be worth the investment. Natural stone patios, outdoor kitchens, and fireplaces can increase the value of your home. Still, you likely also want to increase the value of your family time, entertainment areas, and relaxation spots. That’s where an outdoor pavilion with a fireplace and kitchen can be worth the time, money, and effort.

At Dutchies Stoneworks, we’ve been designing and building outdoor kitchens, pavilions, and more from the beauty of natural stone for more than 15 years. We know what it takes to transform an ordinary space into something extraordinary! Homeowners across southeastern Pennsylvania come to us because we take the time to listen to our clients and truly understand their needs.

When you have a beautiful and well-crafted outdoor space you can use year-round, you’ll want to be home more than anywhere else! Get in touch with our staff today to begin designing the outdoor entertaining area of your dreams!

1. Extend the Time You Can Entertain Outdoors

Gone are the days when your friends and family leave your outdoor celebration because it’s getting too dark, too cold, or rainy. When you have an outdoor pavilion with a fireplace and kitchen, your outdoor entertaining can last well into the night. Not only will the fire from the fireplace keep you warm and toasty, but it can also provide a relaxing light source for lighthearted conversation and reminiscing of days gone by.

Plus, when you have an outdoor kitchen in your pavilion, you can keep the tasty food cooking throughout the night. Whether it’s burgers on the grill or pizza in your woodfire pizza oven, you can cook outdoors in a shaded structure, like a pavilion, no matter the temperature or weather.

2. Cook a Delicious Meal

And speaking of cooking tasty food, Dutchies Stoneworks are experts at natural stone designs for outdoor kitchens. Creating an outdoor cooking area protected from the elements by a wood pavilion allows you to be the ultimate host for special events. You don’t have to leave the party to check on your food indoors or at the grill on the other side of the house! All your cooking needs are next to your entertaining areas.

We can install a natural stone kitchen island with all the kitchen features you want, like a built-in grill, mini refrigerator, sink, and plenty of counter space for prep work and serving. Your outdoor dining room and kitchen aren’t just for fair-weather days. Because of the protection from the pavilion, you can grill, chop, slice, dice, and bake even when the weather is frightful.

3. Spend Time Reading

A reading nook is a third way to use an outdoor pavilion with a fireplace and kitchen. Imagine curling up on your comfortable outdoor furniture, reading an enthralling book with a blanket over your legs, listening to the fire crackle, and watching the leaves fall around you on a crisp autumn morning.

You breathe the open air of what is usually an entertaining area and smile as you feel gratitude that you decided to invest in this outdoor living space. Its multi-purpose as a functional kitchen, relaxation spot, and gathering place for family and friends is perfect. You could even have dinner slow cooking on your grill as you turn page after page of your new favorite book.

An outdoor pavilion with a fireplace, TV, and a sitting area.

4. Make It a Sports Haven

While adding a kitchen and fireplace to your outdoor room, go ahead and add a flat-screen TV. This way, when football starts in the fall, March Madness begins, or the opening pitch for baseball season is scheduled, you and your friends have a place to catch the games. With a refrigerator close by for some cold beverages and a grill for perfect hotdogs, you and your buddies will be in sports heaven watching your favorite teams.

5. Get the Man-Cave or She-Shack You’ve Always Wanted

When you have an area that functions as a dining room, kitchen, or living room and gives you a view of your swimming pool or other water feature, you can transform this space into anything you want it to be! The outdoor kitchen under a pavilion is the perfect place to create the man-cave or she-shack you’ve always wanted.

Maybe you want to make it sports-centered, as in our previous suggestion. You could hang pendants of your favorite teams from the rafters of the pavilion or other memorabilia. Perhaps you want an area where you can knit and do other crafts or escape the world’s chaos. We can help you design custom storage boxes made from the beauty of natural stone to store whatever supplies you want.

6. Stay Protected from the Elements

Lastly, the sixth suggestion we have to use your outdoor pavilion with a fireplace and kitchen year-round is anything that requires you to stay protected from the elements. This area is so versatile that you will likely always find new uses. Whether as a mini-potting shed where you start seedlings for your summer planting or as a place to wrap gifts and listen to holiday music in December, this area stays protected from the elements.

 This protection from the elements can allow you to cook year-round as well. Maybe it’s too hot to start your oven or stove inside during the summer. Head to your outdoor dining area and kitchen to whip up a healthy and delicious meal. Or, if you lose power inside, your wood-fired pizza oven, fireplace, and gas-powered grill will keep you warm and cook some of the best food.

Get Started Designing Your Outdoor Pavilion with a Fireplace and Kitchen Today!

When you want the perfect entertaining area, an outdoor pavilion with a fireplace and kitchen is the ideal solution. This covered area provides protection from the elements, a place to gather for a Tuesday-evening supper, or the ideal location for a graduation party on Saturday. Plus, it can function as a place to relax and escape from the world on a regular morning or be where all your friends gather for the big game.

When you choose Dutchies to help design and build your outdoor area, we’ll guide you through the step-by-step process and ensure it blends well with your entire landscape design. Not only is it an investment in your home that can increase its value, but it’s also a place you can use year-round, no matter the weather! Get started today designing your ultimate outdoor kitchen and pavilion with Dutchies Stoneworks.

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