7 Extraordinary Benefits of Building a Natural Stone Pool Deck

A flagstone pool deck surrounding an in-ground pool.

There are few things more fun in the summertime than cooling off in your backyard swimming pool. They provide a great form of exercise, a unique entertaining spot, and can keep kids occupied during their summer break from school. Because so many activities surround the pool, you want your pool area to be a beautiful, relaxing place that is safe for kids and adults. A natural stone pool deck is the best way to achieve these goals.

Stone decking around a pool has numerous benefits, including durability, uniqueness, and minimal maintenance. Here at Dutchies Stoneworks, we recommend a combination of travertine and flagstone decking. You’ll get the most benefits when you choose these two natural stones, and our expert stonemasons can seamlessly blend the two for a flawless look.

For over 15 years, we’ve handcrafted patios, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, walkways, and more from the beauty of natural stone in Gap and Chester, PA, and the surrounding areas. Whether you have an in-ground or an above-ground pool, let Dutchies Stoneworks help you realize the benefits of choosing stone pool decking. Please schedule a consultation with our team today to start the process of building the outdoor area of your dreams!

1. Strength and Durability

When your next home improvement project is to replace the deck around your pool or install a brand-new pool, choosing natural stone for the decking surface is an exceptional idea. Natural stone is extremely strong and durable so that it can handle the demands of the pool area. From managing the weight of patio furniture to foot traffic, or even as a supporting structure for a fire pit area, stone’s hardness can handle it all.

In addition, flagstone is known for its low porosity, so it’s less susceptible to water damage than other materials. When you combine it with travertine that quickly absorbs water, you have a combination stone pool deck that can withstand extreme temperatures and the frequent freeze-thaw cycle experienced during a Pennsylvania winter.

2. Looks Beautiful and Lasts Longer than Other Decking Around a Pool

There’s a reason pool designers are turning to the beauty of natural stone for decking around a pool. Unlike wood, a stone deck won’t rot or splinter. It’s also mold-resistant and, when properly sealed, can repel water to prevent seepage that can cause your stone to crack during a harsh PA winter.

Plus, materials like concrete pool decking will lose their color and fade as the chlorine water from the pool and feet trample over it. With flagstone and travertine decks, the beautiful, natural colors will last and not disappear.

3. Keeps Children and Adults Safe

One of the most important benefits of stone pool decks is that they are slip-resistant. Flagstone, in particular, has excellent traction, while travertine’s water absorption makes for a safer area surrounding your pool. Travertine is also heat-resistant, so it won’t absorb the heat from the sun during sweltering summer days. These stones will help keep your pool deck cool and not become slippery when wet.

4. Cost-Effective

Installing a stone pool deck will likely cost more initially than wood or poured concrete pool decking. However, because they last for longer, require less maintenance throughout their life, and are safe for bare feet, you’ll save money by using stone.

One of the reasons we recommend a combination of flagstone and travertine pool decks is because it’s more cost-effective than a flagstone deck alone, which would also get hot. Stone provides that luxurious feel you want, plus increases the property value of your home if you decide to sell in the future.

5. Each Deck Is Unique

Since each stone slab has diverse colors ranging from grays and blues to browns and tans, no two stone decks are the same. You’ll get a unique pool coping and decking that no one else has—which isn’t something you can say for wood, stamped concrete, or concrete pavers!

Stone adds sophistication to your outdoor entertainment area and looks gorgeous in any backyard. With several styles, shapes, and textures from which to choose, a natural stone pool deck is a fantastic way to add a unique element that no one else has.

6. Easy to Maintain

While all of your neighbors are busy replacing rotted deck boards or repouring concrete to fill in the chipped areas of their pool deck, you’ll be sipping a cool beverage and enjoying your stone pool deck. Natural stone is exceptionally low maintenance, only requiring a yearly power wash in the spring and a re-sealing every 10 years or so. Sealing your stone patio is essential to ensure that the water won’t seep into the pores of the tile and cause it to expand or move.

7. Environmentally Friendly

The seventh benefit of choosing a flagstone and travertine pool is that it’s safe for the environment. It’s more eco-friendly than porcelain or marble-glazed tile. It’s a natural resource that’s widely available, particularly flagstone in Pennsylvania. We also assemble your stone pool deck with natural materials, so you get the full eco-friendly package when you choose Dutchies Stoneworks to install your new deck or patio.

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As you get ready to start the planning process for updating or installing a deck around your pool, choose from the unique, durable, and widely-available resource of natural stone. Not only is a combination of travertine and flagstone slip- and heat-resistant, but it’s easy to maintain and will look great for years to come.

Get in touch with the professional stonemasons at Dutchies Stoneworks today to start designing your new stone pool deck! We’ll ensure that decking around your pool is professionally installed and built to last. With more than 15 years of experience, and as natural stone patio owners ourselves, we know what it takes to install and care for your stone deck. Get started today by scheduling a consultation!

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