5 Design Choices to Make When Installing a Fire Pit

A propane fire pit burns on a flagstone patio next to a backyard pool.

Choosing the design of a fire pit for your backyard patio can be a frustrating process. It can seem nearly impossible to figure out where to start with so many types, styles, features, and other decisions to make.

Maybe you’ve considered just searching for “fire pits near me” and choosing one from a big-box store, just like everyone else on your block. Why blend in when you can stand out? Instead, impress your guests with a unique fire pit design that you create.

With Dutchies Stoneworks, we make it easy to design a custom fire pit that you love and make your guests envious. With five simple decisions, you can be on your way to creating the fire pit of your dreams.

1. Choose a Type of Fire Feature

When designing your custom fire feature, the first decision you’ll want to make is whether you want a fire pit or a fire table. Both fire features from Dutchies are crafted from natural stone, to which you can add decorative cutouts if you so choose. We use fire brick and insulation on the inside to stop the heat from transferring into the stone patio to keep your space comfortable. Fire pits and fire tables both add warmth and luxury to your backyard.

A fire table on irregular Tennessee stone provides a place for food and drinks.

Fire Pits typically come in round or square shapes. We can make sure it blends seamlessly with your stone patio. The design of these features can range from a classic campfire look to an upgraded, elegant statement piece .

Fire Tables provide space for dining or drinks, like this stunning table Dutchie’s built with irregular Tennessee stone for a client. They are the perfect blend of function and fashion and add a luxurious feature to your entertaining outdoor space. With various sizes available, you can choose from an end table to a long bar table.

2. Match Your Outdoor Fire Pit to Your Patio

A brick fire pit seamlessly matches the brick patio it's on with wicker chairs surrounding it.

Once you choose between a fire pit or a fire table for your outdoor space, the next thing you’ll want to consider is the style of the feature. We’ll help you seamlessly match your fire pit or table to your stone or brick patio.

For example, suppose you have a traditional patio with natural stone or beautiful brick. In that case, we can help you match your fire feature to it, like this brick-one we built, which provides a cozy seating area for rest and entertainment with a convenient table for drinks or food.

For a modern patio with uniform square or regular stones, we can design a fire pit or table from stones that our masons intricately place to build a sturdy, long-lasting structure. For another type of look, like rustic, contemporary, or Southwest, just contact Dutchie’s to discuss your vision, and we’ll do our best to make that dream come to life.

3. Select a Fuel Type

The third choice you’ll want to make when designing and installing a fire feature in your yard is the type of fuel you want to use. Here at Dutchie’s Stoneworks, we can build your fire pit or table with one of three fuel sources: wood, propane, or natural gas.

A wood-burning fire burns in a fire pit surrounded by chairs and pillows.

Wood-Burning Fire Pit Table

A wood-burning fire pit is a perfect choice if you appreciate the warmth and smoky ambiance of a crackling fire. It’s a bit nostalgic, making it easy to roast marshmallows or hotdogs, just like at camp when you were a kid. Watching the flames dance among the logs can be almost therapeutic and makes for a relaxing place to sit and chat with friends.

Propane Fire Pits

Propane fire pits are typically a bit bigger and more of a focal piece for your backyard. The flames rise from faux wood or glass or rock pebbles, mimicking how a fire burns in a wood-burning pit. There is an easy ignition switch and propane tank underneath the fire pit to fuel the fire.

Natural Gas Fire Tables

A natural gas fire pit needs a permanent connection to a gas line. You will enhance your outdoor living space with a permanent gas-burning fire table that wows guests and provides hours of entertainment space. You never have to worry about having enough logs to burn or whether your propane tank will run out with a gas fire pit.

4. Find the Perfect Location

A fire pit in a secluded location provides a comfy and relaxing environment.

Now that you’ve decided on the type, style, and fuel source, the next thing you’ll want to pick is where you want to enjoy the fire. If you’ve read our previous blog post about everyday secrets to make your fire pit more enjoyable, you know you should check out local ordinances before deciding on a location. If not, be sure to read that article and contact your local township to see what is allowed.

Once you have that information, use it to decide the perfect location for your fire feature. Many homeowners enjoy having a secluded area for their pit, like this one that features a stone retaining wall to separate this area from the rest of the outdoor living space.

Others prefer to have the fire near the center of other entertaining activities, like their pool or outdoor kitchen. To decide on the right location for you, think about how you’ll use the fire.

Is it more of a focal piece that should be at the center of activity? Or do you want more of a relaxing oasis with cozy seating arrangements? Either way, we can help build those dreams of yours.

5. Decide on the Size

Finally, decide how big you want the fire attraction. This decision is based on how big an area you have, how much focus it is in your backyard design, and how much money you want to spend. Of course, the bigger the fire pit, the more materials and work are required, so it costs more and vice versa.

If you have limited space, we suggest going with a four-foot round or square fire pit. Consider a long fire table for larger areas, perfect for entertaining and sure to be a hit among your guests.

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If adding a fire pit is on your schedule, don’t settle for a fire pit kit from a store or online retailer. Dutchies Stoneworks helps create and build custom, unique fire pits near you. If your stone patio or walkway needs an upgrade, we can help with that too! Contact us today to get started! Our experts are here to help you create the fire feature of your dreams that make you the envy of your town.

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