5 Things You Should Know Before Adding a Luxury Fire Pit Table

A custom, elegant outdoor living space is just the thing you need to make your property stand out from your neighbors’ homes. But going to a big box store and grabbing things like an aluminum patio set, a common grill, and a DIY fire pit isn’t going to cut it. You need a unique outdoor space handcrafted by expert stone masons.

One element to add to your natural stone seating area is a luxury fire pit table. These beautiful pieces are showstoppers and provide an elegant space to gather with your friends and enjoy the warmth of a fire without looking like a campfire some Boy Scouts built. Instead, you’ll impress your guests with the upscale look and one-of-a-kind natural stone surround built by the third-generation stone masons at Dutchies Stoneworks.

1. What’s the Difference Between a Fire Pit and a Fire Table?

The difference between a fire pit and a fire table is that a fire pit is typically a round or square structure with only space for a fire. A fire pit table is a table with a round, square, or rectangular hole in the middle for fire. Luxury fire pit tables can range in various sizes, from bar height with room around the edges for drinks or dining chair height with room for a plate of food and drinks.

A long rectangle fire pit table burning with flames and surrounded by deck furniture with two glasses of wine on a side table.

When adding a fire feature to your yard, you’ll have a few design choices, such as your fire pit layout, fire feature, and fuel type. You have options for sizes and styles for both fire pit areas and fire tables. Consult our design experts if you’re unsure which type is right for you. We can make you a 3D rendering to show exactly what your natural stone fire feature will look like and how we’ll blend it seamlessly with the rest of your stone patio design.

2. Are Fire Pit Dining Tables Worth It?

A luxury fire pit table created from stone’s natural beauty and sophistication is well worth the design, construction, and cost. Not only will you have a unique backyard fire pit design, but you’ll also have a place where your family and friends can gather, no matter the season. From enjoying time at the pool in the summer to staying warm during an al-fresco dinner in the fall or winter, a high-quality fire pit table is worth it.

You’ll find many uses for your fire pit table all year long. When you’re entertaining during the winter holidays, you can set up an outside dining area for the family to go to when they need a break from the hustle and bustle of the party. The fire pit table keeps them warm and provides a beautiful focal point. You can even purchase a grate to put over your fire table to cook food for your guests right in front of them!

3. Do Fire Tables Keep You Warm?

Yes, fire pit tables keep you warm, among other functions! In addition to providing warmth on cool days or nights, you can also use the fire pit to make tasty snacks like smores for the kids or simply relax with a glass of wine. They can also be created in various sizes, giving you enough room to eat a meal by it or set drinks on it.

A long rectangle fire pit table burning with flames with two patio chairs next to it and two glasses of wine on a side table.

4. Can Fire Tables Be Used in the Winter?

As we approach the colder months, a common question about our luxury fire pit tables is whether you can use them in the winter. With proper maintenance, you can use your fire table in the winter. Choosing natural gas as your fuel of choice is the easiest way to make this happen, as this type of fuel can easily burn in colder temperatures.

You’ll still want to get your fire table ready for winter by cleaning it thoroughly, shutting off the gas lines and valves when not in use, and thoroughly inspecting the rubber gas lines for damage. If you spot damage, replace them before using the fire table again. Cover your fire table when you are not using it to prevent damage from the extreme freeze-thaw cycles in Pennsylvania that can shorten its life.

5. What Is the Best Material for a Fire Pit Table?

Anyone can go to a store and buy a portable, stainless steel fire pit or fire table. But when you want something no one else has, you can’t go wrong with the beauty of natural stone. A natural stone fire table or fire pit is always unique because each stone we use has its own natural coloring and pattern. But only real experts like us know how to piece these stones together to make a breathtaking focal point for your backyard.

A round fire pit table with flames burning on logs surrounded by a stone patio and a house in the background.

Add a One-of-a-Kind Natural Stone Luxury Fire Pit Table to Your Backyard!

When you want to add a backyard fire pit or enjoy the luxury of a fire pit table, contact us! Our team of expert stone masons will help you with building a fire pit or table that leaves your guests warm from the fire and green with envy. Get in touch with us today to create your custom fire feature!

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