Keep Warm During the Colder Months with an Outdoor Stone Fireplace

An outdoor stone fireplace with round stone.

With the cooler weather upon us, many homeowners in central Pennsylvania are closing their pools for the season and thinking of Friday night football games and pumpkin spice lattes. But just because the calendar says the seasons have changed doesn’t mean outdoor fun in your backyard will have to wait until next year.

If you already have an outdoor fireplace or are looking into adding one to your outdoor space, you can enjoy its inviting warmth and coziness year round. At Dutchies Stoneworks, we have over 17 years of experience designing and installing outdoor stone fireplaces. We’re happy to discuss your project and settle on a plan that will add character and charm to your home for years to come. Schedule a consultation today to get started!

Why Choose an Outdoor Stone Fireplace?

Outdoor living doesn’t just mean a few patio chairs and a table in your backyard anymore. In fact, during the recent pandemic, many families pushed their living space outside the boundaries of their homes into their yards to maintain relationships with friends and family while keeping everyone safe.

Now that restrictions have mostly ended, the thought of taking your gatherings back inside might be optimal for some families. Still, if you’re like many who want to enjoy the benefits of an outdoor living area, then a permanent outdoor fireplace and seating area might be what you need.

Here are a few ideas about how an outdoor stone fireplace might work in your space.

Outdoor Patio Fireplace

If you have a small deck or patio and want to enjoy more time outdoors during the cooler months, then an outdoor patio fireplace can complement this area well. There are several options to choose from when constructing an outdoor fireplace, and they will usually depend on the size and location of your current outdoor space.

Regardless of its size, an outdoor fireplace is a beautiful place to cozy up with friends and family, or relax with a favorite book and a cup of coffee.

Design Features

Outdoor fireplaces can be custom-designed to fit your style and budget. At Dutchies Stoneworks, we specialize in both wood and gas-burning fireplaces. As professional stonemasons, all our projects and fireplaces are built from natural stone, mainly using Pennsylvania fieldstone, but we can work with your personal choice.

Whether you want to design an entirely new living area or are ready to add a fireplace to your existing setup, we can create a custom fireplace built to match your vision and preferences. Are you hoping for a dry-stacked look without mortar and uniformly cut stones or a full-stone mortared fireplace with round field stone? We can do either of those things!

Outdoor Cooking Space

An outdoor stone fireplace can be more than just a place to roast a marshmallow on a summer night (although there’s certainly nothing wrong with that). Roasting hot dogs and making s’mores is a favorite activity any time of year. Don’t limit these activities to warm days!

In addition, an outdoor fireplace can provide warmth to you as you cook in your outdoor kitchen. Why wait for hours for a pizza when you could make one yourself, fresh and hot from your brand new wood-burning pizza oven?

With a dedicated cooking space near your new outdoor fireplace, you and your family can bake fresh pizzas in a wood-burning pizza oven whenever you want. Plus, cooking a burger or a steak over an open flame is a great way to build memories with your family when family camping trips don’t occur as often as they used to because of other commitments.

Added Details

A new corner outdoor fireplace can be as simple or elegant as your budget allows. We recommend adding a mantle to the top of your fireplace, which is an excellent place to add lighting or plants. Imagine a crackling fire with Christmas garland and lights on the mantle while the snow falls around you.

You may also want to add a storage box on either side of your wood-burning fireplace to keep the wood you need nearby. This trick prevents having to run to your wood storage space in the middle of winter to get the fuel you need to stay warm.

Ready to Turn Your Outdoor Fireplace Ideas into Reality?

Now is the time to create the backyard living space of your dreams! Dutchies Stoneworks has been crafting quality outdoor stone fireplaces for over 17 years, and we’re ready to help! No matter the project, design space, or other issues, we’ll listen to your ideas and develop a concept that will make your new outdoor fireplace a gathering space for the entire neighborhood.

We work on every project like it’s our own home, and we stand behind our work. Our crew of professional stonemasons take pride in their work and are eager to help you achieve the outdoor space best suited to your needs. So, please schedule a consultation today to get started, or browse through our photo gallery to check out our past projects to help with your design ideas.

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