Backyard Fireplace and Fire Features Ideas to Spark Your Imagination

A backyard fireplace with a TV on the chimney surrounded by furniture.

Have you ever sat on your lawn furniture in your backyard and imagined a completely different outdoor living space? Maybe there’s an in-ground pool surrounded by natural stone tiles. Next to the pool is a seating area with a backyard fireplace and flat-screen TV to watch your favorite movies or sporting events. Perhaps on the other side, you imagine an outdoor kitchen where your built-in gas grill will cook up all sorts of delicious food.

If you’re that kind of dreamer, then we have the ideas and images to help inspire you to make that dream come to life. With more than 70 years of combined experience as natural stonemasons, you can count on us to expertly create the custom designs you want to transform your backyard into a relaxing and elegant outdoor living space.

What Options Do I Have for a Fire Feature in My Backyard?

Fire features provide warm and inviting places to relax with family and friends, so it’s no wonder that many homeowners in Chester County, PA, and beyond choose them when upgrading their outdoor space. They are also perfect for creating an intimate atmosphere and adding to the ambiance you want to create. The three most popular fire design elements include a backyard fireplace, fire pits, and fire tables.

Backyard Fireplace

A backyard fireplace made from the beauty of natural stone or brick creates a stunning focal point for your outdoor design. The fireplaces we build are one of two fuel types: wood or gas. Woodburning fireplaces provide that lovely crackle of wood sound as they burn but require a steady supply of wood to keep the relaxation and entertainment going.

Gas fireplaces use natural gas and are typically more convenient since you don’t have to worry about having enough wood or cleaning up the soot and ash. They also require less maintenance, but you’ll miss that natural wood crackle and pop sound and the smell of wood burning.

A natural stone fireplace on an outside patio sitting against a house.
A gas-powered stone fireplace on a stone patio by a pool.

Fire Pits

Fire pits are also a welcomed addition to outdoor living areas. Fire pits can also be wood-burning or gas-burning, made from the beauty of natural stone. They can be built in nearly any size, style, or shape and can perfectly accent the rest of your outdoor design. Their warmth can provide a relaxing environment on chilly evenings and are perfect for roasting marshmallows or hotdogs.

Fire Table

When installed within your stone patio design, outdoor fire tables look elegant and stunning. They differ from fire pits because they have a ledge that can be used for dining or drinks. Additionally, you can purchase grates to put over the fire for cooking over an open fire. It’s one of our favorite poolside fire feature ideas because of how versatile and modern they look.

A long rectangular fire table with two chairs behind it on a stone patio.

How Can I Enhance My Fire Feature?

Fire features aren’t meant to be standalone additions because what’s the point of having a custom outdoor fireplace or fire feature without being able to enjoy it? That’s why during the design process of your ideal space outside your house, we’ll talk to you about how you want to enhance your backyard fireplace or fire feature. Some of the most popular enhancements include seating areas, a stone patio, and adding an outdoor kitchen.

A backyard fireplace with a TV on the chimney surrounded by wicker furniture.


Having a comfortable area to sit in while enjoying a cozy outdoor fire is essential. You can choose to have a separate covered seating area around the fireplace or fire feature or find the perfect spot for it next to your outdoor kitchen or pool areas. We can help you design a seating space that is comfortable and relaxing but also useful.

Maybe you want your natural gas firepit to be the center of your outdoor dining area, surrounded by tables and chairs. Or perhaps you want to add a flat-screen TV outside your stone fireplace’s chimney and need outdoor furniture that enhances your enjoyment. No matter where you decide to build your fire feature, having a lounge area or seating area around it is essential.

Stone Patio

But why stop at a seating area? Why not build an entire stone patio to enhance your outdoor setting? Stone patios provide elegant, beautiful areas that can complement your backyard fireplace or fire feature. You can choose from popular stone styles, such as thermal full-color, full-color natural cleft, or irregular Tennessee stones.

We can design stone patios that blend well with the rest of your yard. You can enjoy nature, trees, and wildlife while having a designated area for entertaining, dining, and more. Life can certainly be more fulfilling and relaxing with a custom outdoor space.

A stone patio with a round fire table and wicker furniture with cushions surrounding it.
Flagstone patio and outdoor kitchen with grill, sinks, and refrigeration.

Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen makes entertaining and outdoor fire features even more appealing. You no longer have to walk inside your house to cook food. Outdoor kitchens can include many of the same features in your indoor kitchen, such as a kitchen island with counter space, a mini refrigerator, and a sink. You can also add an outdoor pizza oven that makes the best pizzas and loaves of bread you’ll ever taste.

Can I DIY a Backyard Fireplace?

While you may have a lot of experience in DIY projects, a backyard fireplace shouldn’t be one of them. We know many brands sell outdoor fireplace kits, but nothing beats the look and feel of professional installation. We are well-versed in all the safety requirements of a fireplace or a by-the-pool fire pit and will design it with you in mind. You also don’t have the same customization options or the complete overall design considerations that you get with professionals doing the work.

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Whether you want a rustic, country-living space in your backyard or something more upscale and elegant, our natural stone company can complete the work for you! A backyard fireplace, fire pit, or fire table makes welcomed additions to any backyard plan. Plus, when you work with our team, you have access to our years of experience and knowledge in creating these types of spaces.

Now that you have some outdoor fireplace ideas and poolside fire feature ideas, don’t hesitate to start your design consultation with us! We are leaders in our industry in the West Chester area of PA and beyond, and you can’t go wrong with the beauty of natural stone. Get started today to create the high-quality outdoor space you’ve always wanted.

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