Outdoor Fireplace Ideas & FAQs to Create a Paradise in Your Yard

stone patio and fireplace

Nothing beats sitting outside on a cool summer morning or crip fall evening, enjoying a hot cup of coffee or cocoa, and listening to a crackling fire. If you’re ready to create this paradise in your backyard, we have the perfect outdoor fireplace ideas for you!

An outdoor fireplace adds warmth and makes a great focal point for family and friends to gather around, especially when your custom fireplace showcases the stunning elegance of natural stone. Here at Dutchies Stoneworks, we specialize in crafting both wood and gas fireplaces from stone and brick—ideal for adding function and beauty to your outdoor living spaces.

If you have your heart set on purchasing an outdoor fireplace but aren’t sure about some details, we’re here to help. This blog post will go over some ideas and frequently asked questions on size, placement, style, and other added details of your new fireplace, plus plenty of photos to inspire you! Then, schedule your design consultation to start creating your custom stone fireplace.

Can You Put an Outdoor Fireplace Against the House?

Yes, you can! Some designs feature a fireplace attached directly to the home, while others put the fireplace in the corner of the backyard or end of the patio. You’re good to go as long as the fireplace height clears your home or any structure it’s attached to (this requirement is for safety code reasons).

An outdoor fireplace idea many homeowners love is creating an outdoor living room with a stone fireplace as the centerpiece. It provides an ideal place to sit and relax after a long workday or entertain the family during a party.

Finding the perfect spot for your custom stone fireplace isn’t the only consideration you need to make. You also need to think about the size you want, and that’s largely dependent on your existing outdoor space. For instance, if you already have a patio in place, we’ll likely have to cut a portion away to properly lay a foundation for the fireplace.

If you’re unsure of where to put your fireplace or how big to make it, finding pictures on the internet can help spark some ideas. Check out some of our projects below for examples of outdoor fireplace placements!

stone patio
stone patio and fireplace
An outdoor stone patio with wicker furniture, a fireplace, and a flatscreen TV showing an Eagles football game.

What’s the Best Material to Use for an Outdoor Fireplace?

As professional stonemasons, we craft all our fireplaces (and other projects) from natural stone. The most common and favored stone we use is Pennsylvania fieldstone, but we can work with your preference. When you get an outdoor fireplace designed by the experts at Duchies Stoneworks, you’ll get a high-quality wood-burning or gas-powered fireplace that blends perfectly with the rest of your landscape design.

Brick is another common material we use when building fireplaces or outdoor ovens—it all comes down to what look or aesthetic you want to achieve. Natural stone can look modern or historical, depending on your chosen stone, while brick gives off a more traditional feel.

Here are a few examples of outdoor fireplace ideas to help inspire you.

patio fireplace
An outdoor stone fireplace with a fire blazing under a covered stone patio with a ceiling fan.
stone patio and fireplace

What Details Can I Add to Get a Completely Customed Fireplace?

Outdoor fireplaces can range from extremely simple to very elaborate and ornate. But it’s adding fireplace features or details that can make it unique.

We always suggest adding shoulders (see in the first photo below) to fireplaces to give them a more traditional look. Shoulders and flagstone caps can be more aesthetically pleasing as well for any outdoor space.

There are also mantels, which would be made of stone on an outdoor fireplace. Outdoor fireplace mantels are a perfect place to put potted plants or other small décor items. Including a large stone hearth is also a popular option, which can be as simple or decorative as you like.

stone outdoor fireplace
An outdoor stone fireplace with a flat screen TV mounted and surrounded by wicker furniture with pillows.
stone outdoor fireplace

Another stylistic recommendation we like to make here at Dutchies is to add one or two wood boxes to the side of your fireplace. These give you a place to keep your fireplace wood nice and dry while still keeping it near where you will use it. Our wood boxes come in three sizes—36″, 42″, and 48″—and are all custom-built.

The fire brick we use in our fireplaces’ backs can also be laid out in two different patterns: herringbone or running-bond. Check out a few more photos below to see examples!

stone outdoor fireplace
rumford red brick fireplace
rumford white brick fireplace

Answers to Your Custom Stone Fireplace FAQs

While having some great outdoor fireplace ideas is fantastic to get your creative juices flowing, there are also some more practical concerns you may have about installing a custom fireplace into your landscape architecture. Let’s review some of the top questions about outdoor fireplaces.

1. Is An Outdoor Fireplace Worth It?

Many homeowners ask this question, wondering if adding an outdoor fireplace will enhance their home value. They don’t want to invest a lot of money into a custom stone feature without knowing if they’ll get an adequate return on their investment. At Dutchies Stoneworks, we understand this concern. And we’d like to reassure you that chances are an outdoor fireplace is worth the investment.

It provides a natural gathering place for family and friends on special occasions and the everyday hangout, and it is also a hugely popular element of outdoor design. If you’re planning to sell your house in the future, having an outdoor fireplace can be a huge selling point.

2. Which is Better – An outdoor Fireplace or a Fire pit?

Fire pits or other fire features are also great for bringing people together and giving you more space to gather around the fire. They are also minimal maintenance. On the other hand, fireplaces can be a stunning focal point allowing you to cook and decorate your patio with elegance. The choice is really up to you and how you envision your home design.

If you need help deciding between the two, the experts at Dutchies Stoneworks can help! We’ve created hundreds of beautiful stone fire pits, fire tables, and outdoor fireplaces. Our team can help you design the paradise you’ve always wanted, so just give us a call to get started!

3. How Do You Fuel an Outdoor Fireplace?

When you get a custom-crafted stone fireplace from Dutchies Stoneworks, you can choose between a wood-burning or gas-burning fireplace. A wood-burning fireplace uses logs you’ll have to keep chopped into firewood and stored dry for easy burning. A gas-burning fireplace turns on with the touch of a switch. No matter what you choose, Dutchies can handle everything from start to finish.

4. Do Outdoor Fireplaces Need a Chimney?

If your outdoor fireplace ideas center on a wood-burning fireplace, you need a chimney. A fireplace that uses wood for fuel requires a vent that can provide an excellent draft to let the fire burn correctly. On the other hand, a fireplace that uses gas only requires venting and a gas line.

Ready to Turn Your Outdoor Fireplace Ideas Into Reality?

Whether your home was designed in the 1950s and you’re ready to bring it into the new millennium, or you want to craft a custom stone paradise for restoration and relaxation in the backyard of your brand new structure, an outdoor fireplace is a perfect addition! Let’s take your outdoor fireplace ideas and watch them come to life.

For with more than 70 years of combined experience, our stone masonry experts have brought quality outdoor fireplaces, patios, kitchens, retaining walls, and more to the southeastern Pennsylvania area. We work on every job like it’s our own home, and we’re excited to help you add a touch of warmth to your space with a custom stone fireplace.

Contact us today to get started or ask questions about how we can help you with your next project.

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