How a Stone Retaining Wall Will Notably Improve Your Home

Wide stone stairs with a veneer stone sitting wall.

Do you think your home needs a stone retaining wall? The short answer—yes, or at least that’s what we believe here at Dutchies Stoneworks. While we may be biased on whether or not you need a stone retaining wall, it’s no secret that adding one to your home landscaping will bring a lot of value. But did you know that natural stone walls are not just for purely aesthetics?

As professional stone masons, our team at Dutchies Stoneworks specializes in building and improving outdoor living spaces. But we’re also homeowners, so we know how important it is to think through the decision process before making any large purchases like a stone retaining wall. Here are just a few benefits of why we think you’ll want to consider a natural stone retaining wall as your next home project.

Benefits of a Natural Stone Retaining Wall

While retaining walls always look stylish and uplift the outside of a home, they’re not just for aesthetics. At Dutchies, the most common type of retaining wall that we build is a poured, reinforced concrete wall with a 2-inch real stone veneer. So, while the stone veneer gives it a natural look you want, the concrete actually helps support the structure.

With our 15+ years of experience, in our opinion, a reinforced concrete wall with a stone veneer is the best way to go. While we do other styles, concrete just can’t be matched for its durability. Regardless, any type of natural stone retaining wall will bring your home several benefits—here are just a few.

Helps With Stormwater Runoff & Soil Erosion

Have you noticed water pooling around the base of your home? When it rains, do you get a torrent of water that pours down a slope and pools in your lawn? Or does water flow cause soil erosion around some of the edges of your property?

If you said yes to any of these, a stone retaining wall could help resolve all of these problems and more. By building a retaining wall, you’re shaping your landscape design to create a straighter line level on your property. That means when it rains, you won’t have to deal with natural erosion or stormwater runoff.

Evens Out Grading On Your Land

Speaking of sculpting your landscape, a stone retaining wall is also great for helping to level out areas around your home. If you have troublesome hills or slopes, building a stone wall with a stairway around it can help define the areas around your home without destroying the natural landscape design that was already there.

A stone retaining wall prevents soil from eroding too much by keeping it in place and level while also keeping your home safe from flood damage. Plus, that means less lawn care for you as well!

Adds Value to Your Home & Landscape Design

It may not come as a surprise, but sometimes a retaining wall doesn’t serve a purpose other than to look nice. It’s a great element of landscape design and can help highlight certain features of your home. Does your backyard already have a patio? Add a stone retaining wall around it to make it look much more upscale. Or maybe you have a garden in your backyard that would only enhance the greenery’s natural beauty with its natural stone. Either way, a stone retaining wall is an excellent way to add value and beauty to your home!

Are You Ready for Your Stone Retaining Wall?

To withstand the test of time, your stone retaining wall needs the right structural support that only an expert stone mason like our team at Dutchies can provide. Working with stone and enhancing your outdoor space is what we do for a living, and we want to help you. Contact our team if you’re interested in a stone retaining wall or have any outdoor project that requires expert stonemasonry. We’ll help you get started today!

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