5 Ways to Upgrade Your Indoor Fireplace from Your Custom Fireplace Builders

A living room with a large natural stone fireplace.

As the weather gets colder, you may be thinking about sitting around your fireplace, drinking a cup of hot chocolate, and watching the snowfall outside your window. But, if your fireplace is outdated and unattractive, you may feel unmotivated to use it or even embarrassed when guests see it. You don’t deserve that feeling. You deserve a beautiful and unique fireplace built by custom fireplace builders.

Dutchies Stoneworks understands your hesitation about using an old, unattractive indoor fireplace. For over 15 years, we have been helping homeowners revive their outdated spaces with stunning natural stonework, both outside and inside their homes.

Our expert stone masons are uniquely qualified to take your steel, concrete, or tile fireplace and upgrade it with luxurious and elegant natural stone. Natural stone will give your fireplace an instant facelift. Plus, there are many other ways to improve the appearance of your indoor fireplace.

1. How Do You Modernize an Old Fireplace?

One of the best ways to modernize an old fireplace is to replace the current fireplace surround and hearth with natural stone. Natural stone is elegant and timeless, quickly adapting to current and future trends. It can take any drab, worn-out fireplace and make it a stunning focal point for your space. Stones like fieldstone, ledge rock, sandstone, limestone, and more are perfect materials for creating your custom fireplace design.

Dutchies Stoneworks can build gas or wood fireplaces for your home. Our expert custom fireplace builders have the skills and know-how to remove outdated steel, concrete, or tile fireplaces and replace them with one made of the highest quality natural stones. For a modern look, choose linear, square stones to complete the aesthetic in your home.

Case Study: Interior Fireplace Facelift in Springfield, PA

A homeowner in Springfield, PA, had a home that contained a shiny, black marble-clad fireplace. However, this piece did not match the decor of the rest of the house. So, our expert fireplace builders created a traditional-looking natural stone fireplace instead. The flagstone hearth, stone surround, and wood mantle took the fireplace from drab to dramatic and perfectly matched the rest of the home.


A shiny, black marble-clad fireplace in a home with a rug in front of it.


A flagstone hearth, stone surround, and wood mantle fireplace in a home.

2. Can I Paint My Fireplace?

If your current fireplace is brick, you can paint the bricks to improve the look of your fireplace. This popular option requires choosing an indoor, latex, heat-resistant paint. Flat, semi-gloss, or gloss paints are fine, as long as they are rated to withstand a fireplace’s heat. Paint it in a contrasting color to create a striking focal point.

Although, why spend hours of your time and frustration trying to get paint into every nook and cranny of the rough texture of brick and mortar? Instead, let our custom fireplace builders replace the dingy bricks around your fireplace with vibrant new bricks or natural stone. You’ll get the updated space you want without doing the work yourself. You can trust our experts to know that your fireplace is built-to-last.

3. How Do You Update a Wood-Burning Fireplace?

You can update a wood-burning fireplace with any of the techniques we have mentioned thus far. Additionally, you can renovate wood and gas fireplaces by adding a stunning new mantel.

A trendy option right now for mantels is reclaimed wood. This material is minimally processed timber that has been taken from its original purpose to use elsewhere. Some familiar sources of reclaimed wood are old barns, factories, and warehouses.

When you upgrade your fireplace to natural stone, ask our fireplace installers to help you add a reclaimed wood mantel to improve the look of your indoor space even more.

4. How Do I Make My Fireplace Beautiful?

One of the best ways to make your fireplace beautiful, especially after upgrading to natural stone, is to add accessories. Some options include adding decorative items to your mantel like candles, vases with flowers, picture frames, and mirrors. You can also add more practical things like a stylish fireplace screen that covers the entire opening of the firebox or a matching fireplace toolset.

5. What’s an Easy Way to Update My Fireplace?

An easy way to update your fireplace is to give it a good cleaning and inspection. Be sure to check the fireplace surround, firebox, hearth, and mantel for anything that needs fixing. Look for loose or cracked bricks or stones. If you find any, be sure you call the trusted stonemasons at Dutchies to repair and replace those pieces.

Getting rid of the grime is also an easy way to make your fireplace look new again. Take a vacuum hose to your fireplace to get any dust or cobwebs that may have settled into the mortar between your bricks or stones. Also, be sure to burn a cleaning log if the inside is covered in creosote to eliminate that build-up.

For a Unique Fireplace Design, Contact Our Custom Fireplace Builders!

There is no one better than the experts at Dutchies Stoneworks when you want to install natural stone fireplaces in southeastern Pennsylvania. Our custom fireplace builders can help improve the look of your indoor fireplace by installing timeless and elegant natural stone. Imagine the compliments you’ll receive from family and friends when they see your stunning new fireplace!

Get rid of that dull, outdated fireplace in your home and upgrade it with natural stone. Our stonemasons are ready to help you get the fireplace of your dreams!

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