Custom Built Stone Walkways & Stone Paths

Add Texture, Dimension, and Curb Appeal

Elegant walkways are the finishing touch that ties your property together by adding convenience and dimension. Whether you want to upgrade existing walkways or add convenient travel paths to entrances or areas of interest throughout your landscape, Dutchies Stoneworks can build custom brick or stone walkways that beautify your outdoor space.

Imagine an elegant stone path walkway from the house to the pool. Or, convenient stone stairs that turn that steep hill into an easy walk. How about an elegant stone path from the garage to the house, or from your daylight basement out to the patio? Ever thought about adding a stepping stone path as your garden path?

The possibilities really are endless!

If you’ve dreamed of adding the timeless beauty of a flagstone walkway or want to extend a brick or stone walkway you already have, we want to talk to you!

Our experienced team of stone masons works with homeowners across southeastern Pennsylvania, including Chester, Montgomery, Berks, and Bucks counties, and northern Delaware.

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Stone Walkway Inspiration

Looking for ideas to make your stone walkway really pop? Check out inspiring outdoor walkways from our past projects! We can use paving stones or stone slabs to create any type of pathway, including a garden path or a stone walkway to your front door.

Outdoor Walkways to Suit Your Style

stone walkway

Stone Walkways

Whether you love the informal charm of irregular stone patterns or want a modern, symmetrical stone path, a flagstone walkway offers timeless beauty that’s unmatched for durability and longevity. We can also build natural stone walkways using bluestone or limestone, providing a wealth of options for both color and texture.

brick walkway

Brick Walkways

Like the traditional look of brick? We can design your brick walkway in a variety of shapes to naturally lead family and guests alike through your chosen path. Brick steps can also help you traverse different grades throughout your property with ease.

decorative aggregates

Decorative Aggregates

Want to create a meandering stepping stone path to highlight your garden or pond? Need an attractive stone path that leads to your pool or gazebo? Decorative aggregates are smaller natural stones that provide a less formal walkway that’s both beautiful and flexible.

stone stairs

Stone Stairs

Natural stone stairs are a great addition to many walkways that traverse multiple grades. They also make an elegant addition to patios and pool decks.

Craftsmanship Matters

Whether you’re creating a new outdoor walkway or adding to an existing one, expert installation is essential to achieve the best results. That’s why we take the time to evaluate the unique characteristics of your property to prevent water flow issues, erosion, or grading problems that could lead to shifting, uneven stones, or cracks in the future.

At Dutchies Stoneworks, each of our outdoor walkways is unique, customized to your style and the needs of your property. We bring time-honored craftsmanship to every job for truly exceptional outdoor walkways you’ll love for years to come. Owner, Dave “Dutchie” Fisher, is a third-generation stone mason with over 15 years of industry experience.

Our experienced team of stone masons works with homeowners across southeastern Pennsylvania, including Chester, Montgomery, Berks, and Bucks counties, and northern Delaware.

Contact us today to explore the possibilities!

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